Bay Blokart Club

Mercury Baypark Arena, Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui​​​​​​​

Next race day 9th June.

While sailing socially or racing at BBC, national events, and at most other clubs you must wear gloves, a safety helmet, and enclosed footwear. You are required to understand and comply with the sailing rules and briefing instructions. There are 4 fundamental give-way rules:

• A port tack blokart keeps clear of a starboard tack blokart

• Blokart clear astern keeps clear. No barging between the blokart ahead and an obstruction (the grass is an       obstruction)

• When sailing in the same direction, the windward (upwind) blokart keeps clear of the leeward (downwind) blokart

• Blokart sailing downwind gives way to blokart sailing upwind

The full rules are on the NZBAI website 

Baypark Specific Rules