Bay Blokart Club

Mercury Baypark Arena, Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui​​​​​​​

Next race day 14th July.

The BBC Endurance Challenge


The aim is to provide a challenge to sail the greatest distance over a half hour period on the Bay Park track.


To all blokarters being a current member of IBRA.


All sailing will take place on the Bay Park Blokart Track.


Each contestant must either supply photographic evidence or independent verification (eg another club member) of the result.


  1. Sailing can take place anywhere on the course and at any time. (i.e the route can be whatever lends itself to the fastest speed).
  2. The sailing time shall be for a strict half hour time period.
  3. Times will be recorded, with the aim to record the greatest distance.  The person with the greatest distance will become the ‘Top Dog Sailor’ until knocked off their perch.
Endurance Challenge Leaderboard
DateSailorDistanceAv Speed
4/01/23John Minnee13.80 km27.60kph